Serving the South Side of Chicago for nearly 30 years.

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Our Mission

Since 1993, Frieda Holly has supported her community through warm meals, clothing, books, and even child care. With the help of Su Casa Catholic Worker Community, Frieda’s Kitchen is able to prepare food every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Although their goal is to provide as many community resources as possible, hospitality and generosity is what Frieda’s Kitchen treasures most.

“I would go to every food pantry in the neighborhood to get food for my kids and I, and I started telling people to come to my back door if they were ever hungry. I would dump all the canned goods in a pot and make a big pot of soup. One day a man knocked on my door and he was hungry. Word had gotten out and he came; I gave him soup. The next day he came again, and brought 3 people with him. Then one day I opened my door and there were like 10 people out there. I told Brother Dennis this is why we needed a soup kitchen.”

Read more about how the kitchen first began.

Frieda and community members eating


In addition to warm meals every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, Frieda’s Place distributes packed lunches, groceries, and personal hygiene supplies as volunteer capacity allows. Anyone is welcome to look through the donated apparel and depending on the time of year items such as winter coats and boots, frozen turkeys, and back-to-school gear are available. Their space includes a community garden where children and volunteers are encouraged to learn how to grow food for the neighborhood and connect with the earth. Under certain circumstance there is temporary lodging for volunteers and participants.

Community Garden

Show Your Support

Frieda’s Kitchen is run 100% on donations and volunteers. If you are interested in showing support, please look into the links below. Anything helps!

Amazon Wishlist

Find and donate specific items that Frieda’s Kitchen needs.


Come support Frieda’s Kitchen in person at 5045 S. Laflin St. Chicago, IL 6060 !

Tuesdays: 9am-11:00am
Thursdays: 9am-11:00am
Sundays: 10am-12pm

Donate Directly

Donate funds to help Frieda’s Kitchen with expenses directly via GoFundMe.

Frieda Holley with Kitchen Volunteers


Have questions? Want to drop off a donation of food/clothing? Reach out to Frieda’s Kitchen or stop by in person! Masks are currently required for entry.


5045 S. Laflin St. Chicago, IL 6060.

Tuesday 9-11 am

Thursday 9-11 am

Sunday 10-12 pm


Mission    •    Resources    •    Show Your Support    •     Contact   •    Gallery